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    What are the best things to do Tauranga city?

    Are you overworking and Desire a break to clear your head and relax?

    Plan a Visit to Kaiate Falls!

    This beautiful, calm place is Highly recommended for those who want to enjoy their day off from work. The waterfall is superbly composed of 3 steps, followed by a 15-meter high waterfall, falling to a gorgeous, clear-water swimming hole.

    Only take your bathing suit along, A fantastic book and homemade food, and revel in the most relaxing afternoon away from work!

    Important info

    If you are a avid swimmer, You can either swim in the pool or simply sit by the water and enjoy the view gently. The walking path is about 2 kilometers, and you’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely walk around the water when you are bored.

    Public toilets are located in the Parking place. The opinion of Mauao can be enjoyed from the parking place at the beginning of the trail. Relax and enjoy the picturesque Kaiate Falls Walk!

    The path Doesn’t Have wheelchair Access, and this point has to be noted before coming into the place.

    It’s not a Good Idea to swim in the Swimming hole after heavy rain because the water may be contaminated. It is also extremely important to wear appropriate footwear so you can walk on the trail. If you’re moderately fit, you can easily walk and follow the path.

    The walking trail is surrounded by A green forest, and you may enjoy the perspective of three other waterfalls on your way to the main waterfall.

    This place is also the ideal Destination to take beautiful photos for your social websites or travel site. Photos of the scenery that is captivating and the water sparkling in the Sun will adorn not only your memories of a gorgeous time but also your social media profile.

    So call up your buddies or a loved One and plan a trip to
    Kaiate Falls Tauranga directly now