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    Which are most well-known assortments of Montomaggio perfumes?

    Montomaggio wines are organic in nature, extracted only from grapes by using natural farming method. To make high quality wine, grapes are cultivated in low yield and harvested together with palms. It is totally free from artificial chemical and GMOs while it contains extremely low content of sulphate. Its Red wines have velvety and soft look. Its viticulture is located in altitudes ranges from 450 to 600 meters above sea level. Sangiovese grapes are harvested in October and Mariot grapes are harvested in September. Its manufacture consists of separate fermentation of both of these types of grapes in a steel container for 25 days in a temperature lower than 25 degree centigrade.

    The Sangiovese grapes are fermented in Slovenian and French oak casks and Mariot grapes are fermented are kept in barrels of second hand where youthful wine kept for 24 months prior to discharge and maloactic fermentation also occurs . Montomaggio wines have various varieties. Chianti Classico is the most well-known variety grown in conventional viticulture area of Chianti. Since 1920 Chianti Classico are indicated with the logo of DOCG’s black cockerel. It is ruby red in color and a Sangiovese established wine with aroma of purple and cherries. Chianti Classico and Vino Chianti Biologico include 80 per cent of Sangiovese variety along with the Rest of the material includes Canaiolo and Colorino and the Global varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

    The wines just made from Sangiovese are permitted since 1996. Wines containing white grapes such as Malvasia and Trebbia no happen to be prohibited tenyear later. There are three prominent quality levels in Montomaggio wines:

    • Annata, Riserva, Gran Selezione and Riserva perfumes

    • Annata and Riserva ought to be fabricated twenty-four months before launch for industrial use.

    • A Chianti Classico Gran Selezione represents single estate and has to be 30 months old before final discharge for commercial use.

    All montomaggio wines taste heavenly. Every wine lover should buy Chianti Classico and give it a try.

    All montomaggio wines taste divine. Every wine lover must buy Chianti Classico and give it a try. For more details you should visit
    degustazione vino chianti (Chianti wine tasting).