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    Is that a legit 3 million or are they still counting active viral swabs & antibody tests from the same person as 2 positives? Several states have admitted to doing it.

    You make it seem like the tests are anything close to accurate or that’s how many people have it right now. That’s the totally number of the inaccurate positive tests combined with positive antibody tests.

    This is actually very good news. We are getting closer to herd immunity which is what we want. And, we’re getting there in a lot better shape than in the beginning, since the death rate is going down fast.

    luckily, the experts claim the spike has nothing to do with large groups of humans participating in protests.

    Just in ….. Number of tests in U.S. increases. Deaths are down

    Im hearing people getting out of line to get tested, because it took to long…and they got test results back positive for cov19 and they never officially got tested

    Nope. Again they have said numerous times that these numbers are nowhere near accurate but y’all keep believing every single thing that they feed you.

    Death and Obituary

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    Come on Fox News what happened to fair and balanced? Why don’t you report about the steep decline in deaths? Or decline in serious cases? Or the fact this virus might lose pandemic status? Celebrities Deaths are getting as bad as CNN. Except for Tucker I can’t stand watching you anymore. Get back to your roots.

    What’s the Total number of recoveries? Why is this never reported? You thinking if everyone keeps reporting the worst of the statistics Americans want Vote for TRUMP? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Every time I see a Covid Stat or article I contact a friend to be sure to get another Vote for TRUMP!!!

    Cases, not deaths. There is a difference. I don’t care how many cases there are. I care about the death rate. The death toll is declining which is a good thing.

    Double counting, using contact tracing suspect cases up to 17 as positive case counts, cdc warns positive cases also confused for common cold/coronavirus. Who gives a crap about cases??? Hospitalizations and deaths are at all time low!

    They need to release who actually died from COVID that they can prove, not those who had underlying conditions.

    Jeannette McNally McGinley

    Just remember that if a person is tested more than once and tests positive both times, it gets counted twice. I would say the number is lower.

    Good ! The more that get it and recover the sooner it will be safer for the elderly and health compromised .

    more testing equals more positives, but the death rate is down…report that…quit fear mongering.

    But the death rate is not increasing and the hospitals are not over loaded…open America back up!

    More precise details would be far more appropriate. But, keep up the scare tactics.

    Conveniently the numbers are going up as we get closer and closer to the election. As long as it keeps getting worse then Sleepy Joe will have an excuse to not debate Trump on stage, because the duemonrats know dang well that he would get destroyed!

    It’s funny when they switch from death rate(due to it dropping so fast) to tests and confirmed cases rising…..

    Well duh a-holes….we went from testing 100 to 700k what did you think was gonna happen….common sense….but let’s keep trying to stir stuff up.