• Sargent Boysen posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    Except that the tests could be false positives and those people could just have the common cold.

    And let’s be Celebrities Deaths , all numbers, including COVID deaths, are inflated, inaccurate, and falsified for more money and to promote fear.

    I’m still taking my vacation to Florida and enjoying the beach while the sheep continue wearing masks watching CNN

    Yay here we come HERD Immunity!! It’s fauci biggest nightmare is beating this without there poison vaccines!!

    If you increase testing, you increase positives! Why has the media all of a sudden switched from covering the numbers of deaths to the numbers of

    When you ramp up testing you’re going to get more positive results they need to also release the death rate and the recovery rate show the numbers in the statistics on those numbers quit driving fear

    Too bad you’ll only report the numbers that keep Hysteria going, how about you report the complete numbers. I want the numbers broke down to every category, you won’t because it destroys your narrative. Keep your fear, I have freedoms

    More testing more cases, correct? I must’ve missed where it says death rate significantly DOWN. 99.4% recovery. Stop with your fear nonsense

    Please remember that people get better and the number should go down. But they don’t publish that.

    Death and Obituary

    Market News

    But death rate is down !!!!! Numbers so low CDC doesn’t consider COVID-19 a pandemic nor epidemic in our country …. imagine that

    I really don’t care about positive tests results I want to know about ICU admissions and deaths

    Who cares? Death rate is what matters. How many have died? And not your jacked up inflated numbers, but true numbers.

    You mean the thousands of bogus falsely documented cases???

    The CDC just keeps inflating the numbers to save face on something that they were completely wrong about! Just the other day I wasn’t feeling well and I told my wife, "If I die of a heart attack, please don’t let them Corona me"….