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I agree with you, others dont because it wont fit their agendas. However pot makes different people react different, even without the pot this young man has a voilent past and anyone who says no isnt facing the truth, racheal stated tm was behind his house and wouldnt run, she said he told her im not running, im not running again. She also stated that tm confronted gz and asked why are you following me, to which she gave a few different answers, and 2 n the stand, first she said gz said what are you doing here, and 2nd she said gz said what are you talking about.

During an interview granted to the press, Deputy FM Dung said the PM attended the plenary session of the 33rd ASEAN Summit, summits between ASEAN and China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the US, Russia, Australia, and India, the ASEAN Plus 3 meeting with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, the East Asia Summit, and the meeting of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) member states. The PM proposed specific measures to build a peaceful, safe, rules based and people oriented ASEAN during the 33rd ASEAN Summit and related meetings that recently wrapped up in Singapore. Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Dung The PM also reiterated Vietnam stance on the East Sea (South China Sea) issue as well as regional and global issues, he said.

I’m trying to find a TED talk that I watched back in 2012 where the speaker was discussing an extremely “connected” feeling that people get when they belong to a close knit community. He cited some soldier’s experiences in war where the sense of camaraderie was so strong that some soldiers described it as a “loss of the sense of self” and a feeling they were “part of a greater entity”. I’ve been trying to google this TED talk without any luck, so if anyone can link me to it, that would be awesome! [more inside].

Sometime ago, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had clearly warned about India attempting to produce another propaganda video. Want to turn the world attention to our fear that India can conduct a new false flag operation. There can be a drama like Pulwama 2 to divert the attention of the world, he said..

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