What to Include in a Yearbook

A yearbook is also called an annual, and usually refers to a single volume, a publication that’s released yearly. One typical use is to document, highlight, and remember the past year of a high school. The term yearbook also refers to a compilation of facts or statistics printed yearly. Often, a yearbook has an overall theme that runs throughout the whole book.

A typical yearbook cover has several different elements, including a main body of text, an inside spread, special features on the cover, and possibly some small photography or artwork. The size of the cover will be dependent on the overall size of the book, as well as the contents. Yearbooks are typically illustrated throughout, though not always. Some have only blank pages for pictures, while others have a variety of spreads.

A large majority of high school yearbooks will include at least one special feature. One of the most popular special features is a photo essay, or portrait of the graduating class and its members. These photo essays can range from a simple picture of the students to full-sized paintings or drawings. Some yearbook club’s request photos from specific graduating class members. For other clubs, the students can submit photos that have been taken by the club members themselves.

A popular method of photo essays is to have the front of the Yearbook torn open and filled with portraits. Often, these portraits are placed in special sections of the yearbook. The students may also choose to put in a small photograph of each graduate, and/or a portrait of one guest speaker. The Yearbook staff often comments on these portraits, offering advice and tips about how to improve the photographs. The staff may suggest altering the colors used in the photos, adding special effects, adjusting the size of the photo, or using a different lens.

Illustrations and spread types are another specialty of high school yearbooks. Illustrations are often found in the margins of the pages, as they provide a nice visual aid when displaying the different activities featured in the yearbook. Most high school yearbooks have a small number of portrait spots, usually three to five, located around the page. These portrait spots can be used for topical advertisements or pictures that are related to the theme of the yearbook.

High school yearbook cover designs are another specialty area that has several options. Many high school yearbooks will use the school’s mascot, to highlight a special event, such as a championship win by the school’s sports teams. The mascot may also be used for a more general picture of the student body or simply to emphasize the special qualities of the graduating class.

High school yearbook photography is another specialty area that often includes a number of portraits of various students. Students may pose for a group portrait while wearing their uniforms or in a more casual setting. Professional photographers will take the pictures and produce a high-quality photograph that will be included in the yearbook. Many high school yearbooks will offer the photographer additional credit for the portrait and send them a thank-you note after the book has been sold.

These are just a few of the many options available when it comes to what to include in a yearbook. The type of content that can be found inside a yearbook is limited only by the high school or college in which the yearbook is planned to be distributed. High school seniors need not look far to find an endless list of things they can use in their yearbook to capture their time away from the classroom and in the community. There are endless possibilities when it comes to capturing photographs and other images related to the student, the community, and the school.