Swimsuits for women

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Swimsuits for women
Women's swimsuits can be classified into one-piece and two-piece suits. There are numerous styles, designs and variants for each type. For example, the bikini, a typical two-piece swimsuit for women, can be further classified into a thong, thong or tankini. One-piece swimsuits, on the other hand, have variants such as the monokini, stringbody, sling bikini, and halter-neck. Of the two-piece swimsuits, the bikini is the most popular for women and is worn in most Western countries. When the bikini came out in 1946, many cultures, including the United States, considered it too revealing and rejected it. However, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the bikini swimsuit suddenly gained popularity when movies like And God Created Woman and Bikini Beach were released. The tankini is also a women's two-piece swimsuit, similar to a normal bikini swimsuit, but the top, often referred to as a tank top, extends down to a place just above the belly button and the upper hips, and therefore less revealing than a normal bikini top. The thong is one of the best-selling swimwear styles among women today. It has its origins in the 1970s in Brazil and now has many other variants, such as the thong, the T-back and the V-string. One-piece swimsuits include the monokini, designed by an Austrian named Rudi Gernreich in 1967. It is a topless women's one-piece swimsuit that consists only of the bikini bottom. Monokini is a variant of the American Flag Bathing Suits two-piece bikini swimsuit, and can also be used to refer to other one-piece swimsuits, such as a sling bikini. The sling bikini is another very popular swimsuit option among women. It has side strips that extend upward to cover the breasts. The straps then go over the shoulders and down the back to form a thong. In this way all sides of the torso are revealed. So the advantage of a strap bikini lies in its convenience, combining two elements (the top and the bottom) in one.

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