Snacks That Fit Into Your Paleo Diet

Super Bowl is just around the corner, so party food recipes should be ready well in advance for the big game. One great idea is to prepare Super Bowl Party Food in advance. You don’t have to serve it at the party–you can send party guests home with appetizers and finger foods that they can enjoy until the big day arrives. In the mean time, create some delicious Super Bowl Party Food that can be enjoyed by everyone at your party.

Paleo Turkey Chili A spiced and peeled boneless, skinless turkey with black beans and topped with a spicy awash sauce are hearty and delicious, made just for Paleo dieters and health-conscious individuals. Serve this Paleo chili with your choice of veggies as the main dish. For an added kick, serve the salsa with whole wheat tortilla chips as well as thin slices of avocado. You’ll also want to use low-fat sour cream and bell pepper sauce for the dip. Paleo eaters will love this delicious aperitif!

Paleo Pizza Dip If you love cheese, but your Paleo diet doesn’t allow cream or dairy products, you’ll want to try this paleo pizza dip. Based on a simple base of plain yogurt and tomato sauce, this easy Paleo pizza dip is delicious and easy to prepare. You’ll even love that it’s good for you!

The “Tropical Punch” Tropical punch drinks are a crowd-pleaser for any 屯門到會. Create a tropical cocktail using frozen pineapple chunks, blended ginger ale, lime juice, lemon juice, and mint juleps. Top with sugar free gumbo and spicy peanut sauce for a delicious cocktail. This tropically styled snack will be the talk of the party!

Paleo Pizza Dip Another super tasty Paleo meal idea for party food is this delicious tropical pizza dip. You’ll want to use either marinated shrimp and herb olive oil instead of the traditional mozzarella. You’ll top it with a fresh mango and lime juice, papaya, basil, and cilantro. This dish will have everyone running back for seconds. You can’t go wrong with a tropical themed dip, and since this recipe uses ingredients you can find in many different grocery stores (pizza shop is a great place to look for this tasty dip), you won’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy this healthy paleo pizza dip.

Paleo Cookbook baked potato chips This super healthy and delicious recipe is a must-try for game day or just because. You’ll need refried beans, pizza crust, and your favorite barbecue sauce. You’ll start by cooking your refried beans, then cut up your favorite vegetables including artichoke and bell 屯門到會.

Sweet Potato Everything Bagel These sweet potato chips are made with organic, natural ingredients. You’ll add nutritional info on the side or include your own, such as calories and net carbs so that you know what kind of snack you’re serving. You’ll then cook your chips in a sweet potato processor, mix in your barbecue sauce, seasonings, cheese, milk, and whatever else you think will enhance the flavor. Serve this snack on its own or with some blueberry or fruit salsa for a healthier alternative to the traditional fried chip.

Paleo Chicken Wings Another sweet potato recipe for game day is this delicious chicken wing recipe. To make this super easy snack you’ll need refried beans, chicken wings, sweet potatoes, refried beans, chicken fat, cream cheese, salsa, and guacamole. Mix together all of these ingredients and then cook on the stove over medium heat until they are done. Once done, serve with your favorite AIP snack (chicken wing lovers).