Scientific Reasons Why You Should Go for a Grey Kitchen

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January 19, 2021 at 10:37 pm James Smith

If you are trying to remodel your house in a subtle yet elegant way, then a grey kitchen is what you need. The first thing that comes to mind when redecorating the kitchen is the new theme that you can try. However, this new theme runs out of trend in a few years. To avoid that from happening, you can utilize timeless and evergreen colors, such as white and grey.

Below we have explained some scientific reasons to design a grey and white kitchen.

Why Do You Need a Grey and White Kitchen?

From the mid-century styles to the new trendy looks, kitchen cabinets have not changed a lot. People still like warm shades, clean doors, and coordinated subtle aura; people still like white and grey. These colors complement every kitchen style, whether traditional, modern, or contemporary.

Here are some scientific reasons why you should make a grey and white kitchen.

  1. Grey is Relaxing

When you need calming colors in your kitchen, there’s nothing better than a grey and white kitchen. Think about how amazing grey and white cabinets would look with a black countertop. There’s something about these simple shades that make your kitchen more relaxing and naturally bright.

But, you should always balance your grey kitchen cabinets with patterned tiles, colored countertop, or furniture. Adding colors to your kitchen only makes it look lively and your cabinets more relaxing and appealing.

  1. It is Minimalistic

One of the most desired kitchen aspects is the minimalistic design and simple structure. Therefore, grey cabinets are perfect for homeowners who want an elegant but minimalistic kitchen in their penthouse or an urban loft.

While the color grey adds a luxury feel to the kitchen, white gives it a touch of minimalism and simplicity. Together these colors prepare your kitchen for any type of décor. Whether you want to remodel your open kitchen with grey and white or just make it resonate with the traditional or contemporary look of your living room, it is possible with grey kitchen cabinets.

  1. It is elegant

Many scientific research studies have shown that the color grey is associated with contentment, elegance, and luxury. But, you need to pair it right.

Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with a grey kitchen. You can mix and match to find the right combination. For instance, white cabinets, grey countertop, graphite flooring, and textured tiles. You can also choose a mix of grey and white kitchen cabinets paired with a black marble countertop. In fact, it is also possible to have a mix of grey along with everything else white. This will break the monotony of white but still make your kitchen calm, tranquil, and luxurious.

However, the idea here is to still properly match every kitchen element with the shades of grey and white cabinets. It may not be right to utilize vibrant yellows and reds for the furniture if the theme is featuring grey and white. It will only highlight the dullness of grey. To the best effect, use shades similar to grey and white, or maybe, black.

  1. There’s a Shade For Every Mood

Grey is different; it has options. There are so many shades of grey that you can use in your kitchen. Without making your kitchen boring and dull, you can use a brighter and more elegant shade of grey to have a positive psychological impact.

For instance, charcoal grey looks amazing on cabinets as well as your countertop. You can even utilize silver shade for the knobs of your cabinet. You can always have silver lined tiles in your kitchen to match your grey and white cabinets. There are so many other options according to your home décor, such as standard grey, ash grey, nickel grey, etc.

Hence, you can literally pair a shade of grey to set the tone of your kitchen.

  1. White is Peaceful

The color white is pure and peaceful. You will always find white in peaceful places, such as a bride’s dress. This color is always your best choice; it doesn’t go out of trend and it compliments other kitchen elements.

With grey kitchen cabinets, you can have this peaceful environment in your kitchen.

  1. It is Clean

We scientifically associate white with clean. In a hospital or a hotel, we find white more often. This is because a clean white bed sheet has a sense of calmness in it. Similarly, white and grey cabinets make your kitchen look more calm and clean; a perfect place to eat, right?


It is fascinating how a grey and white kitchen can highlight clean lines and smooth finishes. You can really change the complete interior of your kitchen with this decision. All you need to do is utilize white and grey in synchronization and add a touch of shine to avoid making your kitchen dull. Just some plants by the sink can help you. So, plan it well and design a grey and white kitchen that stands out!