Need to get rid of your old fashion shoes?

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Need to get rid of your old fashion shoes?
I have a wardrobe full of fashion shoes. When I say fashion shoes, I mean they were in fashion at some point in my life. As you are aware, fashion style changes over time. Despite this, I am one of those ladies who gets stuck in every single shoe I have because I get emotionally attached to every pair. How can I let go when I love them so much? I noticed that this is a genetic defect that I have. My mom has dedicated the entire half of her walk-in closet to her fashion shoes. She does not get rid of the shoes, especially if they are still in good condition. She will only get rid of them when they are damaged or broken. This does not happen very often. I know I should not do that. I should not blame my forest occupation on my mother. But how else can I explain it? OK, maybe I just love my fashion shoes a little too much. รองเท้าแฟชั่น There are a pair of platform shoes that I bought way back in 2000. These were my favorite pairs of go-out shoes. They were comfortable and looked good on my feet. I wore them in the season when they were in fashion, but during this decade, the platform shoe was no longer in style. It was a trend that was just ending. I was so disappointed because I loved that fashion shoe. I could not bring myself to throw away the shoes or even give them away. Guess what ... the platform shoe has made a comeback. I went back to my wardrobe and found my favorite pair of platform heels, cleaned them up a bit and enjoyed an evening with them. Everyone told me how much they loved my new fashion shoes. I blushed and accepted the compliment. I was on cloud nine. I think the process of saying goodbye to your fashion shoes is subjective. Unless your shoes are badly damaged without repair, there is no need to get rid of them. Okay, that's the exception when a fashion hits the fashion world. There is a difference between a fashion and a trend. A trend lasts longer and may come back in a few years, while a fashion is just a season hit. A fashion is something outrageous that looks like a good idea, but it has no lifespan. Invest in trendy women's shoes that last you longer than a season.

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