Make the most of airport transfers

Professional Geneva airport drivers know very well that you probably don’t expect Geneva airport transfers to be an especially enjoyable part of your ski trip.

Chances are you are itching to get to your destination and the last thing you want to experience is getting delayed or getting stuck in organizing your airport transfer.

The good news is that there is absolutely no need for your transfer to be faster and smoother. They can get you out of the airport and speed your way before you know you’ve arrived! However, to achieve this, they must work with you a little bit in advance to make sure they are ready for your arrival and that they have a suitable vehicle for your needs.

Please note that companies operating Geneva airport transfers will need to comply with both Swiss law and the requirements of their insurance policies. So, in addition to helping them get you to your final destination quickly, it would be extremely helpful to know in advance:

• How many people are in your party or group;

• The full final destination address, including zip code and telephone number;

• Approximate details of your luggage and sports equipment, if any;

• Any special requirements you may have for the trip, such as child seats or restricted mobility access;

• Your flight arrival details and your mobile phone number if you have one.

When booking, you will usually have the option of hiring a dedicated vehicle or the generally cheaper option of sharing a vehicle with other people. Unsurprisingly, if you opt for a shared transfer, your driver will handle the deliveries in the most logical sequence.

Remember that depending on your destination, Geneva airport transfers may not deliver you immediately next to your destination entrance. Some hotels or guesthouses in small towns may have restricted access. It may be worth checking with your hotel / guesthouse exactly what access is available, especially if you have passengers with limited mobility.

It may also be worth keeping in mind that your driver will be in a vehicle that he or she believes is fit for purpose based on the information you have previously provided. Arriving with a significant amount of excess baggage, oversized sports equipment, or unexpected additional passengers can lead to delays at the airport while alternate vehicle arrangements are made.

When you arrive, the driver will be waiting for you near the  Airport Transfers Henley pick-up point or when you leave the secure areas of the airport and enter the public lobby. The driver will display a board with her name in a prominent place. Your driver will also keep an eye on the flight arrival times, so don’t worry if your flight is delayed.

Remember that the winter temperature in Geneva, and in the area of ​​your destination, can be considerably lower than when you left home. Although vehicles are of course fully heated, it may be advisable to dress appropriately.