Light up your home with the right screens

No matter which room in your home you are decorating, lampshades are essential in room decor. Here are some questions to consider when selecting the best ones for your home.


Selecting the correct size item is a matter of choice, but it is good to give some thought to how a relatively small lampshade will look compared to a relatively large room. Make sure your shadow is big enough. And when deciding between a smaller and a larger one, don’t be afraid to choose the larger shade – it’s easy for a small one to get lost in a room Traditional Lampshades.

Part of your choice of size will also be dictated when you consider whether you want a table, floor, or pendant lamp. There are many beautiful lampshade options among these three styles. Also, when making sizing decisions when pairing the lamp with the right fixture, decorating experts recommend that a lampshade be one-half to three-quarters the size of the base.


Do you consider yourself a contemporary person or an old soul at heart? Do you prefer the modern or the traditional? The good news is that there are lampshades in every style and color imaginable.

You will need to consider the decor of the room where the accessory will be placed. The lamp doesn’t have to “match” everything in the room, that would be boring. But it has to “fit” into the style of the room. Decoration experts claim that clear lamp bases appear lighter, while heavier bases such as wood or iron offer richness and texture to the look. A glass base suggests glamor, while painted porcelain bases provide a luxurious Old World look. For added impact without cluttering up space, consider choosing a slim base paired with a drum-shaped screen. Alternatively, you can select a lampshade with an eye-catching pattern or added items like tassels or beads.

One of the fun things about these lamp accessories is that it is possible to change the tone or feel of the room simply by buying a new one, and it is much less expensive than buying a new sofa or rug.


When choosing a lampshade for a room, you will want to consider the purpose of the lamp. Will the fixture be strictly decorative or will it provide security lighting? Will you use it to read or just to brighten the mood? Will the fixture provide light for a corner of the room or for the whole room? Take a few minutes to consider the purpose before choosing the device and accessory. Your planning will help you narrow down your options a bit before you start shopping.