Home decor: style and class with screens

The lighting in a room can make a big difference to the atmosphere and decor of the room. A lamp with a suitable shade adds to the decor and also brightens the room.

Curtains can be made from a variety of materials: cloth (in forms such as woven, burlap, shantung, jute, or linen); paper (in the form of exotic, ecological or simple), oil parchment; stone, glass; or porcelain.

The style of the lampshades is another factor one considers when making a decision. Some of them are:

• Glass screens: painted upside down, ball glass, lily and tulip are some of the styles of these screens. While they look contemporary and stylish, they are fragile and expensive if they need Lampshades UK.
• Tiffany lampshades: The stained glass pieces are soldered with copper or lead and designed in shapes that belong primarily to nature, such as animals and flowers. Modern art forms and contemporary styles are tailor made as required.
• Antique lampshades: these are elegant and custom made lampshades. These are made of satin, silk or velvet whose fringes are embroidered or braided and lined with lace.
• Western screens: These screens are made of leather or pig, deer or calf skin. This gives a rustic look to the lamp and also to the room.
• Chandelier Shades – Available in many shapes and fabrics. They add to the glamor of any interior and look delicate and pretty.
• Mica tulips: are available in contemporary and traditional designs. Amber or white shades of mica are coated with translucent material for less light scattering. This is suitable for wooden or iron lamp bases.