Discover the Ultimate Guide on How to Mow my Lawn the Right Way

You will agree that all of us put a lot of hours every week to care for lawns if we have not hired the services of professional lawn care. Indeed, love for our lawn surpasses the efforts we take in tending and nurturing our lawns. Though the process of lawn care is very time-consuming and part of routine lawn care is rigorous, if you have decided to do-it-yourself you will need a guide for how to mow my lawn the right way.


If you are new to the task of mowing, ultimate manual will be the perfect tool to help you learn how to properly mow a lawn. In case you have ample experience of mowing your lawn you will find the following tips useful to perfect the appearance of your lawn.


When you start journey to mow my lawn it is recommended that you wear the proper clothing.  Safety is an important consideration and thus to avoid injury during mowing your lawn sessions it is essential that you wear proper gear. The fast moving blade of lawn mower sends pebbles and other small objects flying towards to person operating the machine. In order to avoid any injuries you can simply wear the right attire that fits snugly and gives you ample flexibility to move around.


Picking the right mower is another important step towards mow my lawn perfectly. Moreover, you have to keep your mower blade sharp if you want to cut the grass, not tear it because tearing can make your grass more vulnerable to pests and diseases. For proper lawn maintenance you must mulch your lawn. By mulching your lawn you leave your grass clippings behind when you mow. It’s a common practice that helps build a healthy lawn and save on fertilizer.


You can choose from the three main mowing patterns, namely Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal. Usually mowing as needed is advised instead of when convenient. As climate will determine how frequently your grass needs mowing. It is considered best to mow the lawn in mid-morning or early evening. Since during this time, the sunlight is less direct and temperatures are usually cooler, it gives less strain to your lawn and mower.


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