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What Is Airdrop.Academy?

A place to learn from others - Learn about new companies and technologies.

We are trying to get as much information about the new startups and their offer.

A place to share your referrals with your followers - Share your referral links on your wall to earn again.

Now here is the interesting part. The companies will pay you if you will refer a friend. Share it on your wall, and your followers will go there to learn from you and you earn again. 

A place to make money -If you like their offer, share the info and earn crypto for that.

The new companies need you to market them and share their vision and with this they pay you for doing that with their new coin.

A place to follow up with the companies - Follow the startups becoming new companies, and the coin becomes zero or goes to the moon.

No one can know what are the companies or people behind the coins so you need to follow and do your own learning before following any idea.